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Invent a Game. Swap a Game.

Invent a game. Swap a game. We are all doing our best to keep our friends and family safe and stay at home. But you’ve been waiting for Spring Break since January and it’s a bummer to have to stay at home! You can’t see your friends, but you can still have fun with them with an ingenious game swap! Get your friends to join you in a one-of-a-kind game swap! You and your friends each design and build a game or put together an art kit and then arrange a porch swap. Drop off your game on your friend’s porch and pick-up the game your friend made. Take it home, call on Face Time or any other teleconferencing platform and watch each other play the game or enjoy the art project together. When you’re done playing, swap that game with another friend! How many friends do you think can play your game this spring break? You can be ingenious and design and build a Cardboard Arcade game, Board Game, Outside game, or catching game. Remember to write and swap the game directions! Some of you might prefer to gather art materials and design and deliver an art project that you can complete together on FaceTime. Or swap original stories with your friends and ask them to illustrate or create a diorama for your story! Gather game making stuff Recyclables – Anything you can rescue from the recycling bin! cardboard, empty TP and paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, yogurt containers and lids, water bottles, plastic fruit containers, clean milk jugs, plastic and paper cups, plastic spoons. Squeezable fruit pouch lids, water bottle, and milk jug lids make great game pieces.

Craft supplies you can use: Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, beads, wooden dowels, feathers, straws, toothpicks

Tape: masking tape and duct tape

Low heat glue gun and glue stick

White glue Scissors (Box cutter for adult use only Rulers Paint, Markers, Crayons String, yarn Balls Marbles PVC pipe

Below are three videos of Cardboard Arcade Games that students designed and created during 2019 Summer Camps. For more inspiration, you can change the decorations and theme our Easter Egg Catapult and Easter Candy Dispenser gadgets to make a spring break game. Directions and a video of those gadgets are posted on those blogs.

Below are two examples of catching games that were designed and created during Ignite's 2019 Summer Camp.

This week, I will be posting more game ideas and videos and directions on our Facebook and Instagram -- so check out our pages throughout the week

If you have any questions or want some ideas direct message on our Facebook page.

Remember to post pictures and videos of your games on social media. Tag Ignite so we can share on our Instagram page with #IAmIngenious. Email me pictures at and I can post them on our website.

I hope you have fun with the Game Swap Challenge!

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