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Our Story

Ignite Learning Center founder Beth Kinzer working with students


A Launchpad for Bright Futures.

Ignite offers summer camps and after school classes for K-12 students that equip all learners with the ingenuity, resilience, curiosity, and values they need to navigate and solve problems around them while they learn about STEAM fields like coding, electricity, graphic design, and digital strategy – essential skills that translate into academic success, leadership aptitude, and future career opportunities.

Beth Kinzer, Our Founder

Ignite Learning Center founder Beth Kinzer

My heart has a special place for divergent learners. Learners who struggle in the traditional classroom to find their voice. Students who’s giftedness does not align with classroom parameters. Children who experience the world differently and struggle to fit with their peers. Traditional learners searching for a place and time to explore their ideas and flourish.

I am dedicated to meeting the real education needs of every student. It doesn’t matter whether their learning style is traditional or divergent, or if they’ve been historically underserved by the school system. Every student has the ability to succeed, if they’re given the opportunity – and I want to give it to them. It is from this place in my heart that Ignite, a youth STEAM learning center, was born.  

I graduated from Furman University with a degree in Music Education. I attended graduate school at the University of Georgia, where I became certified in Music Therapy. I then added graduate level Special Education and Early Childhood endorsements to my teaching certificate. I have more than 20 years of experience in education as a teacher, administrator, and director of curriculum and instruction.

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