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2024 - 2025 Ignite
Two-Day Microschool

Ignite is currently accepting Microschool Interest Forms for the 2024 - 2025 School Year! Upon submission of the Interest Form, Beth Kinzer will contact you and schedule a follow-up phone call.

Ignite Microschool is a unique educational enrichment opportunity for your homeschool child. Imagine the progressive hands - on Waldorf and Reggio methods paired with STEAM exploration and collaboration and you have a vision of your child enjoying learning with friends at Ignite.


Two days a week of learning at Ignite will complement your child's core homeschool instruction with science and engineering challenges, literature studies, story making, and creative arts. Your child will thrive having fun learning through: 

  • Purposeful play and collaboration

  • Hands - on process art

  • Imaginative play with friends 

  • And the best part? The mess stays at Ignite!

Rocket Pack

Rocket Pack



Orbit the sun

Orbit the sun



Butterfly Proboscis

Butterfly Proboscis

Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release

2024 - 2025 Two Day Microschool

Microschool students meet 2 consecutive days per week. Consecutive days allows students to have time to complete multi-day engineering challenges and projects without having to clean-up and put everything away for another class to use the same materials the next day. 



School Day is 9:30 - 1:00

Students will bring a lunch and snack.


2024 – 2025 School Calendar:

The school year is divided into 2 Semesters. Parents enroll for each Semester individually. Students enrolled in the Fall Semester will be given the opportunity to register for the Winter/Spring semester before it is open to the public. 

13 week Fall Semester: Week of September 9, 2024 - Week of December , 2023.

We will not meet the week of Thanksgiving

16 week Winter/Spring Semester: Week of January 13, 2025 - May 5, 2025. 


SC Homeschool Regulations:

Parents enrolled in Ignite Microschool will register with SC as option 3 Homeschooler. Parents are responsible for ensuring their child competes 180 days of school. It is advisable that you join a homeschool association to help you complete homeschool regulations with the SC Department of Education. Ignite is not homeschool association and does not submit documentation to the State. 


2024 - 2025 has yet to be finalized. We are currently pursuing three options for hosting the Microschool next school year. All three locations are located on the Eastside of Greenville. Tuition will be determined by the overall costs for each location. Tuition for the 2023 - 2024 school year was $1200 for the Fall Semester and $1400 for the Winter/Spring Semester. The goal to keep tuition near that price point. 


There are no attendance requirements. Families are free to take vacations or choose not attend school for any reason. However, tuition will not be prorated or returned for days missed.

Parents commit to enrolling their child(ren) and paying tuition for the entire Semester. With such a small group of students, it will put undue pressure on Ignite to have children leave throughout the semester. If, however, Ignite and the family come to a mutual agreement that Ignite Microschool is not your child’s best learning environment, we will discuss options for ending the semester contract.


  1. Complete and submit the Microschool Interest Form. Beth Kinzer will contact you to schedule an interest call. 

  2. Complete the Microschool Application form for each child.

  3. Submit Reference Forms from two people who have worked with your child as a teacher, coach, club leader, nanny, babysitter, or medical provider.

  4. Upon receipt of the application and references, the admissions committee will review the application and Beth Kinzer will contact you regarding the admission decision.

  5. $100 non-refundable registration fee is due upon enrollment to hold the child's spot. This fee will only be collected once a year. Parents with children enrolled in the fall semester will not pay the registration fee for the Winter/Spring Semester.


Ignite is located on the eastside of Greenville near Brushy Creek Elementary and Eastside High School. Ignite Location details are described here.

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