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Ignite Learning Center's
STEAM Microschool

Ignite Microschool is a community of families, students, and teachers committed to living life and developing creative independent learners through progressive child-focused education. Our two-day class model supports homeschool, un-school, and other families looking for non-traditional education.

About the Microschool

Ignite students after completing a paint rockets project

Ignite believes all children learn and grow when they are immersed in an educational community that fosters joy and wonder in learning.


At Ignite Microschool, children are free to be themselves and learn at their own pace through individualized instruction, experiential learning, and passion projects. They discover their gifting and are empowered to own their learning and take risks without fear of failure. They step into their future with the confidence to face challenges and the ingenuity to lead their communities with wisdom and creativity.

Ignite Microschool is a small group of multi-age children who learn, explore, and grow together. We foster academic growth, creative problem solving, and a love of learning through rich literature, story making, science and engineering exploration and creative arts. Gifted and independent learners relish the time and freedom to dive deep into passion projects. Neurotypical and atypical learners thrive in the hands-on setting where their visual - spatial strengths and inventive problem solving are celebrated


Ignite is the first microschool in Greenville, and exists to support homeschool families, unschool families, and other families looking for alternative education options in Greenville SC. Ignite could be described as a hybrid homeschool or a specialized private school. It is not an accredited school. Parents register with SC as Option 3 Homeschoolers and are responsible for the bulk of instruction. Ignite provides language arts, science, math, and social studies enrichment and social collaboration for homeschooled children and families.


Best of all: the MESS stays at Ignite!

Our lead teacher, Beth Kinzer, has 20+ years of education experience with 18 of those years serving at a private school in Greenville as a classroom teacher, Principal, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Beth has tutored neurodivergent learners with dyslexia, language based disorders, and children on the Asperger's spectrum utilizing Orton Gillingham based phonetic instruction. That systemic phonetic and phonemic instruction is the basis for all early reading instruction. 


Want to find out more about Ignite microschool? Contact our director and lead teacher Beth Kinzer via email at or by phone or text at 864 - 787 - 8621. We look forward to talking with you and discovering if this option is right for your family.

Still not sure if the microschool is right for your family? 

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