2020 - 2021 Microschool

Are you concerned that your child will not succeed in a virtual education or hybrid classroom? Do you think the anxiety caused by COVID precautions in large classroom settings will hinder your child's achievement? Ignite has developed a child focused microschool that will quickly recover the academic skills lost by virtual learning last spring and prepare your child for success!

Every child can learn and grow when they are immersed in an educational community that fosters joy and wonder in learning.


When children are free to be themselves and learn at their own pace through individualized instruction, experiential learning, and passion projects, they thrive. They discover their gifting and are empowered to own their learning and take risks without fear of failure. They step into their future with confidence to face challenges and the ingenuity to lead their communities with wisdom and creativity.


This vision drives our programming, from after school STEAM classes and summer camps to our future goals of educational STEAM outreach to undeserved communities and the neurodivergent and disabled communities of Greenville.


We are responding to the current educational crisis by offering a new educational option offering small group, face-to-face instruction: Ignite Microschool. 


This fall we are launching a microschool, a small tribe of multi-age children who learn, explore, and grow together. Microschools have grown in popularity across America in the last decade. Most microschools are founded by parents and educators who have identified an educational gap for their own children and other children in their community and decide to form a school that fills that need. Microschools typically serve 8-20 multi-age kids but some larger established schools educate up to 150 children.


Children and families should not worry about about their school schedule changing daily, or preparing for a classroom teacher and a completely different e-learning teacher. 

The 2020-2021 founding community will be comprised of 6 elementary aged children, and will require a year-long commitment. We will utilize a variety of educational curriculum and authentic inquiry-based learning to foster academic growth, creative problem solving, and a love of learning. In coming years, we want to grow the program so we can impact more families and children with authentic learning.


Want to find out more about our microschool? Contact our director and Lead Teacher, Beth Kinzer via email at beth@igniteingenuity.org or by phone at 864-787-8621. We look forward to talking with you and discovering if this option is right for your family.


Student Teacher Ratio is 6:1 

A 6:1 ratio provides time during the school day to individualize each child's instruction and will allow your child to learn at their own pace. If your child is already ahead of grade level benchmarks, they will continue to be challenged to excel at new skills and material. If your child has an academic area of weakness, we have time for one-on-one instruction tailored to the child's learning needs to teach to mastery and move on to new skills.


A child who struggles in one area has gifting in other academic areas. Those gifts will be highlighted and strengthened. The teacher will assess each child at the beginning of the year and determine each child's skill levels. Instruction will be planned that meets your child at their current skills and progresses them throughout the year to be ready for the next school year.

2020 – 2021 School Day:

Classes will meet Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 2:00

Students will bring a lunch and snack.


2020 – 2021 School Calendar:

The school year is 33 weeks. As a microschool, we are not required to follow the exact Greenville County School Calendar. As homeschoolers, parents are required to have 180 days of instruction during the school year. A shorter microschool calendar allows flexibility for families to choose how they want to meet the full 180 days of school.


School will begin Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The last day of school will be May 27, 2021.


SC Homeschool Regulations:

Parents enrolled in Ignite Microschool will register with the state as option 3 Homeschooler. Ignite will not be acting as a homeschool association, but we have built a relationship with the Administrator of SC TOP Homeschool association and we will help you join the association.


Curriculum and Instruction:

Beth Kinzer, the lead teacher, will design and implement personalized instruction for the students. The instruction will not follow Greenville County Schools curriculum but your child will be very prepared for success the following year. Phonics, word attack, reading comprehension and fluency, spelling, written expression, and math will be taught individually and in small groups throughout the day. Students will be assessed informally.


Creativity, problem solving, and innovation will be developed through Inquiry Based Instruction and STEAM units. Authentic hands-on Science and Social Studies of study will anchor our curriculum. Language Arts, Written Expression, and Math will be fully integrated in the Inquiry Based Units. Students’ academic growth will be assessed authentically through goal-based rubrics and portfolios. Knowledge based tests and quizzes will not be a primary assessment tool.


Screen time will be limited to research, publishing, and technology units. However, math skills may be practiced and reviewed though online math apps, We all know that too much screen time is detrimental to kids' learning. Tracking words left to right the words in a book and using your hand to write left to right are critical for brain development in small children.


The exact curriculum and units of study will be finalized once we have our cohort of children. We will carefully consider the ages of grades of the children admitted. We want a multi-age grouping to allow for kids to learn not only from the teacher, but from each other. But admissions will take into consideration age gaps within the cohort, ensuring we have the right mix for effective collaboration or instructional groupings. Please understand that with a small group of 6 kids, this is imperative for success.


A school with a student teacher of 6:1 that provides personalized instruction and ignites joy in learning through hands-on child focused exploration cannot be found anywhere else in Greenville County. In determining tuition, the Board of Directors weighed the value of a 6:! individualized education with the tuition costs at a variety of private schools in the area to determine tuition.


Tuition is based on $12.00 an hour or $240 per week. The yearly tuition is $7,900.00. First and last month tuition is due at enrollment. The last month tuition is non-refundable. A second child discount is available. Email Beth Kinzer beth@igniteingenuity.org for details.


Parents must commit to attend Ignite for the entire 2020 – 2021 school year. With such a small group of students, it will put undue pressure on Ignite to have children leave throughout the year. If, however Ignite and the family come to a mutual agreement that Ignite Microschool is not your child’s best learning environment, we will discuss options for ending the year-long contract.


Ignite Microschool will be held in the home of Beth Kinzer, the Teacher and Executive Director of Ignite. This option allows us to minimize costs and create a relaxed learning environment. We will have access to the kitchen for experiments and lunch, the deck for outside learning and the backyard for play. There is a park in the neighborhood within walking distance we can visit throughout the year. The home is located on the Eastside of Greenville near Eastside High School and Brushy Creek Elementary School.

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