COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines

1.  I will not bring my child/children to classes, camps, or special events at Ignite if my child/children or anyone in my household or someone in close contact to a family member is ill or has a fever. If I am aware that my child/children, family member, or someone in close contact to my family has tested positive to COVID-19 or been exposed to COVID-19, I will not bring my child/children to classes, camps, or special events at Ignite. I will contact Beth Kinzer immediately upon knowledge of COVID exposure and/or diagnosis and we will discuss options. If my child has attended a class, camp, or special event within 14 days of testing positive for COVID-19, I will contact Beth Kinzer immediately to make her aware of the diagnosis. All campers and staff members will be contacted and be made aware of the possible exposure.


2. Ignite teachers and assistants may choose to wear fabric masks but will not be required to wear fabric masks. Masks are not recommended for people who suffer from certain medical conditions. In addition, it is difficult to communicate and teach children through a mask. If you are uncomfortable with this policy, please do not enroll your child in Ignite’s classes, camps, or special events.


3. Students are welcome to wear fabric masks to Ignite’s summer camps, but they are not required to wear masks.


4. We have reduced the number of students attending classes, camps, and special events. STEAM activities will be chosen that reduce group collaboration and focus on individual innovation. Siblings may choose work together more closely on challenges.


5. Ignite will thoroughly clean the facilities and materials between camps. Ignite will clean work surfaces between activities.


6. Ignite teachers and assistants will scrub their hands and arms up to the elbow upon arriving at camp and will wash hands or use hand sanitizer when working closely with children throughout the day.


7. Students will be instructed to wash hands upon arrival at camp and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.


8. At the beginning of each week, we will discuss the importance of respecting others by keeping a distance from fellow campers, keeping hands away from faces, coughing or sneezing into elbows or Kleenex, and frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer.


9. If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 during a class, camp, or special event, that class, camp, or event will be cancelled. Staff will thoroughly clean the facility and materials. All parents of students enrolled in the camp will be contacted by Beth Kinzer, Executive Director of Ignite.

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