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Ignite Location Details

Ignite is currently located at the home of our Executive Director, Beth Kinzer. The timing of the COVID restrictions in March of 2020 coincided with the end of our initial lease at our original location. As an educational non-profit, we decided not to jeopardize our future STEAM programming and mobile outreach to families in Greenville by signing a multi-year lease during these uncertain times. We are currently researching the best location in Greenville for future growth, and we hope to move to a permanent location soon.

The two front rooms of the home has been repurposed into a learning lab. Ignite Camps, Classes, and Microschool are held in the learning lab and outdoor space in the home. A designated bathroom is located right off the learning lab space.


Per State law, Ignite is registered with the SC Department of Child Care Services (DSS) as a Family Home Child Care Center. Employees and both residents of the home have been background checked. We comply with State regulations limiting us to 6 children in the home at any time. As a registered facility, a DSS representative may make an unannounced visit at any time. On the first day of camp, you will be asked to complete and sign a required DSS form confirming that you are aware Ignite is a registered Family Home Child Care Center. The home is located on the Eastside of Greenville near Brushy Creek Elementary School and Eastside High School.

If you are excited about supporting STEAM opportunities in Greenville and know of a great location which would allow us to grow, we would love to hear about it! Email Beth at or give her a call at 864 - 787 - 8621.


If you have any questions or concern regarding our current in-home location, please call Beth Kinzer at 864-787-8621.

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