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Innovators Classes

3rd Grade + Up

Innovators have explored science, design, engineering, and technology in guided classes at school and Ignite. They are ready to ask questions, imagine, plan, and create innovative solutions to problems they see in their world. Check out upcoming Innovators' programming below!
Innovators classes will resume in the fall. We'll let you know when schedules are posted.
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Winter Contraptions Galore: Engineering Challenges

Kids of all ages love contraptions- and getting to design and build contraptions from recyclables is a fun way to flex those creative neurons!


Each week, we will work individually and in groups to tackle engineering challenges such as:

  • Build a trampoline that will bounce a Lego figure more than a foot in the air.  

  • Design and build a house for the Three Little Pigs that will hold up against the Big Bad Wolf's huffing and puffing.

  • Design and build a straw boat that will hold the most pennies without sinking.

As we work through the challenges and build gadget solutions, we will wonder, imagine, design and plan, build, test, and share our products.  Your children won't realize it, but as they work through the engineering process, they will refine math, physics, engineering and design skills. 

Spring Semester Classes begin the week of March 23rd and end the week of May 26, 2020.

4:30-5:15 Mondays or Thursdays

$171 per semester

$19.00 single class drop-in fee for individual classes if space allows

Homeschool Electric Arts

Electric Arts encourages kids to explore the “A” in STEAM as they design works of art with circuits, LEDs, and Scratch Coding.


During this 8-week class, we will work individually and in groups to complete circuitry design projects such as:

  • Conductive “Squishy” circuits

  • Paper Circuits with conductive tape and graphite lead

  • Explore the basics of Scratch coding and circuitry to design a multi-media project with a Makey Makey computer board

  • Light-up artwork and Wearables  

Spring Semester Classes meet Thursdays from 1:30-2:15

Thursday classes: March 26th through Thursday, May 28th   

$171 per semester (9 weeks)

Multi-child Discounts: 10% off 

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