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Application Process

Ignite is accepting applicants for the 2023 - 2024 school year. The admissions committee will work together to select a cohort of students that will create a cohesive learning group. We want the ages to be mixed appropriately so all the children can succeed academically and socially.


At Ignite, we value diversity and continually strive to be an inclusive school. Regardless of one’s religion, race, learning styles, gender, family structure, and world view, students and their families are respected and welcomed. 


The application process is as follows:

  1. Submit an application form for each child applying to Ignite.

  2. If your child has psychological and or educational testing, a copy of the report is required for the admissions process. We will review the report with you to ensure Ignite is the best place for your child to thrive. 

  3. Send a reference form to two people who have worked with your child either as a teacher, coach, or instructor. This person could be a dance instructor, karate teacher, sports coach, or Sunday School teacher. We will contact the references for further information regarding your child.

  4. Download the PDF form on the last step of the form and email a copy of it to upon completing the application!


Upon receipt of the application and reference(s), the admission committee will review the application. Beth Kinzer will then contact you to discuss your application and any other further steps.


We are honored that you are considering Ignite Microschool for your child’s education. If you have any questions, please text Beth Kinzer at 864 - 787 - 8621 or email Beth Kinzer at

Apply Now!

Apply here for the Ignite Microschool! The application will take you through a few steps so we can get to know your child. To start, fill out a little information about them. (If you have multiple children you'd like to register, please fill out separate applications for each child)

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