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Parking Garage Engineers

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

This fall, our STEAM engineers designed and built matchbox car parking garages. These cardboard structures tested their ingenuity and perseverance. Along the way they discovered that many of their original design plans didn’t work and they had to make changes to the dimensions and designs. I was thrilled to watch as they asked, “I Wonder why not?” questions and tried new solutions instead of getting frustrated and giving-up. That’s just what we want kids to learn at Ignite! If our plans don’t first succeed, wonder why and try, try again!

Installing the ramps was the trickiest part. They applied their math skills to measure lengths, angles, and determine the best placement to allow match cars to go up and down the ramps. After several attempts, they got them to work!

Just yesterday they proudly told me that the garages are in their rooms and are working great!

We’d love your child join us for Engineering STEAM challenges at Ignite! Classes begin again in January!

Check out this video of one of our engineers, Matthew explaining his creation!

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