Dance Without Limits Bath Bombs!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Dance Without Limits, Welcome to Ignite!

I love a bubbly bath so when Miss Beth asked me to share a congrats treat with you, I knew just what to share - Bath Bombs!

The dry ingredients are in your packet. You get to do the fun part! You’ll slightly dampen the ingredients and mold your bath bomb! Get ready for Bubbly Fun!

Bath bomb making is not an exact science and experts add a variety of ingredients to their bath bomb mixes, but we’ve stuck to the basics! Below are detailed directions and tips for making your bath bomb.

“Wonder Why” bath bombs bubble and fizz? Find out in our Science of Bath Bombs post. If your dancer wants to learn more Spa Science, join us at Ignite for a Spa STEAM Class in January. We’ll learn more chemistry and make everything you need for a winter spa day!

The dry ingredients for your small bath bomb are in your bag. I used 2-parts baking soda to 1-part citric acid and baking powder, mica powder colorant, and biodegradable glitter. You’ll add the oil and liquid to form the