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Ignite Microschool On TV!

It's no secret that COVID-19 has transformed everything about education. But what if this opportunity to embrace a new type of education actually ignited a love of learning for your children that they would have never experienced otherwise?

That's what the Ignite Microschool is all about! We are here to fill the "education gap" created by COVID-19. Recently, WYFF 4 stopped by Ignite to get the word out about this exciting new opportunity for Greenville families.

The interview highlighted the strengths that the Ignite Microschool will offer to our students. Unlike any school in the area, we'll be able to offer personalized, hands-on learning suited to each child's needs. For example, instead of just learning about the theory of gravity, students will be able to learn how it works through building and testing model rockets.

Throughout the year, our Director, Beth Kinzer will be putting her 25+ years of experience in education to work preparing students not just to complete their grade, but for a lifetime of ingenuity. Check out this quote from the interview, “I’m really excited about working with a small group of kids and really being able to impact them and their families and prepare them for a future they’ll love (...) In Greenville County we have Michelin, Motorola, BMW ... all of these organizations are looking for kids who have STEM backgrounds and engineering abilities. And so this is going to set them up and set the community up with some kids who are ready to jump into positions there.”

Parents from the community are getting excited about this opportunity as well. Check out this quote from Holly Ryan, a working mother of two who joined us for Summer Camps.

“As a parent who knows what her strengths and weaknesses are, I know teaching is not one of my strengths, so I wanted someone who could teach my kids in a fun way. One of the things we loved about the idea of a micro school is that it brought fun back into learning, which I think is really important to students. Especially young students.”

We are so excited for this year to spark wonder and joy in our students through the Ignite Microschool. The registration process is now open, so head to the application page to start today!

Thank you to WYFF 4 for getting the word out about the Ignite Microschool and STEAM learning in Greenville County! Be sure to check out the full interview and video here!

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