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#IAmIngenious At-Home Challenges

Americans have faced every challenge with new inventions and discoveries. We are so grateful to the scientists, doctors, and manufacturing companies who are using ingenuity to design new medical tests and vaccines and change manufacturing processes to produce personal protection equipment (PPE) for the doctors and nurses who are on the front line fighting the virus.

American citizens are also stepping up and sharing their ingenious solutions to problems we are facing. Seamstresses are sewing masks. Teachers all over the country are rethinking how to best teach all kids with new technology. Small business owners are changing their business models to serve their customers while they stay home. A 12-year-old Boy Scout has designed and 3D-printed mask relief extenders that securely holds face masks to the head without tugging on the wearer’s ears. (

We want to spread the work of Ingenious people in our communities and across America. Have you read examples of Ingenious ways people are helping their neighbors or working to solve this crises? Post articles on your social media and tag so we can share on our Instagram page with #IAmIngenious.

At Ignite, we want to keep developing ingenuity in our kids through at-home Ingenuity Challenges! Parents—you can ALL guild your kids while they tackle these challenges! And the best part is once you and your children gather the materials, the challenge can engage your children for HOURS while you work!!

I hope everyone will join Ignite and encourage your child’s Ingenuity. In the future America will rely on a new generation of Ingenious Thinkers to guide our country. Let’s equip your child to be that leader!

As you work through these challenges feel free to reach out to me with any questions via direct message on our Facebook page @igniteingenuity or Instagram page at @Ignite_Ingenuity. Tag Ignite in your finished projects so we can share on our Instagram page with #IAmIngenious.

Beth Kinzer

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