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Rockets, Solar Ovens, and Motorized Boats (AKA Our First Two Weeks of Summer Camps)

What a great first two weeks of camp! Our “Let’s Go!” and Science Sleuth campers had fun while tackling a bunch of engineering, biology, and physics challenges.

Paint Rockets

Does it get any better than rockets?! During our first week of “Let’s Go!” camps, we learned about chemi

cal reactions and shot off paint bottle rockets in the parking lot outside Ignite.

Art Bots

Using pool noodles, the motors from electric toothbrushes, and markers, our campers built and decorated Art Bots and watched them create exciting art!

Solar Ovens and Smores

How can you capture light and concentrate it into heat? Our Science Sleuth campers built mini solar ovens and, using the light from the summer sun, cooked smores inside of them! We tested the solar ovens at different times of the day, learning about how the angle of the sun impacted the amount of heat we could generate.

Motorized Cars and Boats

What can you create from old bottles, balloons, and cardboard? Vehicles, of course! Our campers created boats and cars from recycled materials and experimented with powering them with magnets, air, and motors.

Ignite’s camps will be back July 13th - 17th with our All Things STEAM camps for elementary students and our How Things Work camps for rising Kindergarten through 2nd grade students.

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