Candy Color Ingenuity Challenge

Your house is stocked with Easter Candy. What are you going to do with all of it? A Science Ingenuity Challenge of course! This challenge asks: I wonder what happens when color coated candy gets wet? Do different types of candies react to water differently?

The Candy Color Ingenuity Challenge is a simple experiment. Kids of all ages love to watch what happens when color coated candy gets wet. For this experiment all you need is a flat bottom plate with a rim, different types of color coated candy such as M&M’s jellybeans, and Skittles, and water – all things you have around the house! This experiment is so fun to watch, your kids will want to try it several times.

Find a spot to set-up the experiment where the plate won’t get bumped. Moving the plate during the experiment will alter the results. Have your child place one type of candy all the way around the rim of the plate. The candies should be close together.