#IAmIngenious Easter Candy Dispenser Challenge

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Easter Candy Dispenser Challenge

Design and build a gadget that dispenses Easter candy into plastic eggs. The completed gadget should include an opening to pour in your candy, a path that moves your candy to the exit, and an exit that deposits the candy into a plastic egg. Many inventors build a gadget that resembles a marble run, arcade game, or Rube Goldberg machine. The gadget can be the size of a shoe box or a candy run that fills up a bedroom wall. When brainstorming and designing the gadget, I recommend beginning by identifying the candy entrance and exit on the sketched plan.

This challenge can be completed by kids 8 and up with minimal help. Younger children will need assistance with the challenge. Cutting cardboard will require the most help. The older the inventor, the more complex the gadget will be. Encourage all of your children to work together on the challenge. The gadget will be more elaborate when ingenious ideas are shared. I know right now your kids may be struggling with all the “together” time and want to work alone. But I have found during classes that even kids who start out working alone will begin to share ideas with others as they work.

Gather recyclables and other materials that will inspire your inventor’s creativity. Below is a list of materials you probably have at home that could be used to build the gadget. Use some or all of them. Better yet, find other materials around the house to use.